Spiraea Douglasii, Snedsted ´07
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Exif Information
Model Canon EOS 5D
Exposure time 1/160s
Aperture f10
Focal length 105mm
ISO 400
Exposure compensation 0
Flash Did not fire, Compulsory mode, No red eye reduction
Original 30.11.1999, 00:00

Comments (5)
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04.07.2008, 03:23 by ben
Can a lens focus too narrowly? This pink gem may be better in 3d. You could fouc on a dime lying on a velvet background and still get bokeh on the velvet! I cut and paste this to 8x10 and it's still printable! Tho I didn't. I'll be shopping for a used model for my Sony a700- it does exist in Sony Mount- I hope?

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