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Exif Information
Model Canon EOS 5D
Exposure time 1/800s
Aperture f2
Focal length 135mm
ISO 400
Exposure compensation 0
Flash Did not fire, Compulsory mode, No red eye reduction
Original 30.11.1999, 00:00

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For most of the time my Nikon D200 sports the it's sharp, fast and suits alsomt all of my needs for my shooting style. I've found this lens to be a great performer for my street photography as well as for environmental and even 1/4 portraits. It's also an excellent lens for low-light candids (e.g. dinner parties) and as a general go-to lens for fun snapshots.If I ever do remove this lens from the body it's to use the Tokina 12-24mm f/4 for sweeping landscapes and wide-angle portraits but otherwise the Sigma beats the pants off my cache of Nikkor lenses (teles and primes).You can see examples from this lens (most recent first).- mike

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